Board of Directors

Interested in joining our board of directors? We are looking for individuals committed to farming, education, and food justice! Please contact us

Wayne Fries – President, Buildings and Grounds
Wayne is a retired chemist who started volunteering at Phillies Bridge in 2005. After many years attending farm work parties and helping with handyman projects he joined the board in 2016. After one year as vice president he became president in 2017. As Buildings and Grounds committee chairman he continues to enjoy working outdoors on the scenic farm property.


Alexi Bolton – Education
Alexi is an educator who is motivated by an interest in social and environmental justice. She recently transitioned from teaching in dual language classroom in Brooklyn to teaching in school gardens and on farms here in the Hudson valley. Through her work, she hopes to explore the intersection between food production, the environment and  education, spreading the positive impacts of                                                          farming to people regardless of income or geographic location.


Brian Obach, PhD – Secretary and Weddings Liaison
Brian is a Professor of Sociology and Director of Environmental Studies at the SUNY New Paltz. He is the author of the book
Organic Struggle in addition to other writings on agriculture and the environmental movement.  He joined the board in 2017 and was elected secretary in 2018.


Chelsea Farley – Vice-President, Marketing and Grants
Chelsea has consulted for a wide variety of nonprofit organizations and collaborated with many leading foundations, as well as some of the country’s largest and most well respected social programs. She has written and edited numerous influential papers and reports, focused largely on education and youth development, employment, and broad issues related to program evaluation.


Josh Robbins – Events
Josh is an educator and award-winning screenwriter and filmmaker. He has taught writing and film at the middle school, high school, and college levels, and currently teaches writing at the Culinary Institute of America. He grew up in New York City, and fell in love with the Hudson Valley as a teenager while working at a progressive summer camp. Now residing in New Paltz, he is a board member at Phillies Bridge Farm Project committed to environmentalism, sustainability, and food education.  


Michael Sheridan – SUNY Liaison
Michael has been working and researching sustainability issues for the past 18 years with a focus on the economic viability of small-scale, sustainable agriculture. To this end, he has worked with local farms and farmers, both in the Hudson Valley and in western North Carolina, to identify potential revenue streams and analyze their cost structures. Additionally, as professor of business management in the School of Business, Michael serves as the SUNY New Paltz liaison to the Phillies Bridge Farm Project, organizing class visits to the farm. In his free time, he enjoys discovering the bounties of the Hudson Valley with his wife and two daughters and/or riding his bicycle throughout the region.

Terence P. Ward – Treasurer
Terence is a journalist who decided to join the Phillies Bridge CSA because of their food justice work. He has worked at the Winnakee Land Trust, which allowed him to develop a comfort level with the vocabulary and processes of conservation easements, and has served on both of the planning boards serving the New Paltz community. Photo credit: Lauren Thomas