Upcoming 2018 Events

May 19th, noon-3 PM: Spring Farm Festival
June 2nd, 10-12:30 PM: Foraging & Feast
June 15th, 6-9 PM: Movie & Pizza Night
June 16th, 10 AM to noon: Introduction to Food Preservation
July 6th, 6-9 PM: Movie & Pizza Night
July 17th, 6-8 PM: Pickling, Jams & Jellies
August 3rd, 6-9 PM: Movie & Pizza Night
August 11th, 10 AM-noon: The Big Tomato
September 15th,  10 AM-noon: Introduction to Pressure Canning
October 6th, 10 AM -noon: End-of-the-Season Ideas
October 13th, noon-3 PM: Fall Farm Festival