Fall Festival

Come rain or shine! We have a large pavilion and barn to hold this event!

Music with Dr. Edison’s Traveling Minstrel Show with Ed Daley, Weezer Miles, Kailey Rocker, Rich Kelly, Chris Davenport and Ethan Klee!

Activities & Games!
Raffle – buy tickets, get goodies!
Food and drinks will be available, but feel free to bring your own!


Come show your culinary talents!

Do you make heavenly hummus, sensational salsa, amazing artichoke dip or any other delightful concoction? Bring a quantity of your dip along with appropriate “dipping tools,” such as crackers, chips, veggies, etc.

Also bring along a copy of the recipe.

Tasters will pay $1 to sample all the dips (just once!). The people will decide by “popular vote” which dips earns the Tastiest Awards! You will win bragging rights and there will be prizes.

This fun gourmet event raises funds for the farm…. your support is appreciated.  Bring your dip to the farm by noon on Saturday October 13th please. Any questions? Please contact us.



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