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Your Farm Too!

Grammie, do you have a farm?                                                                              
A response to my 3-year old grandson’s question

Yes, I do have a farm!   I don’t live there, but it is my farm and I share with a lot of other people. It can be your farm too!

Our farm has a Farmer who plows the fields, plants the seeds, nurtures the soil, and waters the plants so they will grow and produce lots of beautiful “veggies” that we can enjoy eating!

People on our farm take care of the greenhouse, the Nature Trail, the chickens and goats, the buildings, and the tractors. Some farm workers are “apprentices” – young adults who are learning to be farmers and teachers by working on this farm for a season.

On our farm you will see teachers, children, friends, parents and grandparents; and chickens, goats, flowers, herbs, fruit trees and bushes, hawks, honeybees, maybe even a coyote; and many different kinds of delicious vegetables growing in the ground!

Kids can sometimes help to plant seeds and harvest vegetables, and all can help with some of the other work that needs to be done. It takes a whole community of people to keep a farm going!

Our farm is a beautiful place that has been a working farm for more than 300 years!  We help to take care of this beautiful farm so that people 100 years in the future can call it their farm too!

—by Sally Vasse, grandmother and member of the Board of Directors