Our Team

                                             Heather Wodehouse – Farmer
Heather is originally from Western Canada. She came to Phillies Bridge by way of the UK, France, Texas and most recently, New England. She earned a degree in environmental science from McGill University in Montreal, where she befriended Phillies Bridge’s 2015 farmer, Anna Elbon! Heather caught the farming bug while working for, and eventually co-managing, the university’s student-run farm, MSEG.

Thoroughly converted to the agrarian lifestyle, Heather made her way down to Southern New Hampshire to work for the wonderful Jenny and Bruce Wooster at Picadilly Farm. After two seasons of growing 30 acres of vegetables for an almost 1000 member CSA at Picadilly – and learning to milk cows in the evenings at Manning Hill Farm – Heather is eager to scale down a bit and channel her energy into growing a diversity of high quality produce for Phillies Bridge’s shareholders.

When she is not farming, Heather can be found cooking, on a walk through the woods, daydreaming about draft horses, or tango dancing! You can email her at heather@philliesbridge.org

                                             Myriam Bouchard – Administrative Coordinator
Myriam has over fifteen years of experience as an award-winning certified business advisor and has helped hundreds of organizations in various business stages. A dedicated strategist, she brings methodology and forward-thinking, addressing the minutia of the day-to-day operations while keeping in mind the end goal. Her core strength is translating organizational strategies into projections, while using researched-based financial assumptions that lead to real-world results. Throughout her career, she has advised growers, food manufacturers, value-added boutique producers, distributors, specialty food retailers, and locally-owned farm-to-table restaurateurs. She created the statewide benchmark (based on USDA vegetable and fruit prices) for NY Rising to evaluate crop losses in NYS after tropical storms Irene and Lee devastated farmland with floods in 2011 so farmers could get grants for their crop losses. She successfully assisted farmers apply for these funds. 

Myriam is the Treasurer of Re>Think Local, an organization dedicated to localism and triple-bottom-line economic thinking, by placing equal emphasis on a healthy environment, community well-being, and financial profit. She also volunteers for Hudson Valley Hospice, to provide comfort, support, and companionship to patients entering end of life. 

She is a committed year-round outdoors enthusiast, practices yoga and meditation, is a part-time writer and artist, and her multitude of hobbies nourish her profoundly.

She handles most of the farm’s administrative tasks, organizes events, coordinates volunteers, and writes grant proposals. You can email Myriam at info@philliesbridge.org

Jazmine Langlitz – Camp Director
Jazmine is an experienced educator and an outdoor enthusiast.  She holds an M.S. Ed in Montessori Integrative Learning from Endicott College, and brings with her a dynamic educational and farming background.

During the school year, Jazmine works as the Upper Elementary Head Directress at a nearby Montessori school.  With a firm belief that education should be fun and should be sparked by individual interest, she enjoys spending time learning outdoors with her students, playing games, and incorporating the arts in the classroom.  As an educator, she facilitates and integrates a multitude of subject matter, and understands the importance of educating and nurturing the whole child.

Born and raised in the Hudson Valley, Jazmine recently spent four years living on the Keziah Lain Farm in her hometown of Westtown, NY, tending to the horses and gardening in her free time.  She relocated to the hamlet of Gardiner in 2016 and now lives here happily with her family, and is delighted to be part of a farm community once again.  She is a mom to Jayden, age 14 and Madison, age 4.  She is looking forward to a wonderful, fun-packed summer on the farm and can be reached at camp@philliesbridge.org

Tom O’Dowd is an independent outdoor educator with Phillies Bridge roots. A New Paltz native who grew up eating the CSA’s veggies, Tom even lived on the farm property for some time. He has worked with Wild Earth, Clearwater, and NYS DEC Camps. Tom is excited to share the plants and animals of the farm ecosystem with visitors!



Annie Levardsen is a junior Horticulture major at Michigan State University specializing in Sustainable and Organic Horticulture. She is deeply passionate about food systems, farming, and sustainable agriculture, and during her time at MSU has pursued these interests through research and greenhouse work. Annie is committed to mediating food justice and access issues through farming, and hopes to uplift marginalized voices in agriculture to help address the systemic issues within our food system. She hopes to one day run a sustainable farm focused on community development and outreach. When not geeking out about plants, Annie enjoys going to concerts and visiting museums.

Margot Lambert graduated from SUNY New Paltz in May of 2018 with a B.S. in chemistry. Born and raised in Brooklyn, NY, her first passions growing up were gymnastics and ballet, but towards the end of high school, she decided to pursue chemistry in New Paltz. Margot has realized that she thrives in the countryside and enjoys working with her hands. She first volunteered at Phillies Bridge in the Fall of 2015 and has enjoyed farms ever since. Shet has been engaged in an internship at the farm since January and cannot wait to continue working throughout the summer and fall. Her interests include biking, cooking, and volunteering throughout the Hudson Valley.


Rhyston Mays is a Hudson Valley transplant from Chicago, and recent graduate of Vassar College in Sociology. He feels most at ease when surrounded by plant-life and is inspired by the (re)generative powers of soil. He aims to build upon his experiences in agriculture to engage with issues of land access and food sovereignty in Black communities. Lately, he has been happily meditating on Afro-futurist themes and considers himself a student of Octavia Butler’s literature. Rhyston is eager to find out what kinds of futures we can build from the seeds that we sow!



Emily Feigelman is a junior at SUNY New Paltz studying art education. She loves bike riding, painting, hiking, and swimming. She also loves animals and going to visit the Ulster County animal shelter where she adopted her cat Betty. She thinks sustainable living and farming is important because we have to protect our home and our future! She can’t wait to spend the summer with kids, animals, and plants!

Katherine Moore is  a student at SUNY New Paltz, majoring in Early Childhood Education (birth to sixth grade) with a concentration in English. She is so excited for her first summer here at Phillies Bridge Farm! She loves the sun, being outdoors, and spending time with her family. She can’t wait to meet everyone!

 Zoe Supina is currently studying Elementary Education and Spanish at SUNY New Paltz. She has been working with children for over five years through various jobs including summer camps, babysitting, classroom assistance, and organizing preschool dance parties at the local library. When she’s not working, she is an avid yogi, hiker, and traveler and loves to create, whether it be through art, movement, cooking, or gardening. She believes that creativity is a means to connecting with yourself and nature. Zoe is more than thrilled to be a part of the Phillies Bridge team this summer and hopes to help foster an environment of exploration and growth for all.