25 years

We are extra excited about 2020 because we are celebrating 25 years! The creation of the Phillies Bridge Farm Project was motivated by the ideal of community-based, socially-just, sustainable-food production. A handful of committed individuals set out to make a working model of what farming could and should be. With plenty of hard work and some very generous donations, they made this a reality – Phillies Bridge Farm was born!

Twenty-five years later the farm is going strong! We have fed thousands of people and some of our community members, who are now adults, were literally raised on food grown at Phillies Bridge! Some participate because they want to support this vision of agriculture and they have the means to do so, while others benefit because the Phillies Bridge community is committed to food justice and the belief that everyone should have access to fresh, healthy food.

Twenty-five years ago, few gave serious thought to the implications of how their food arrived on their plates and almost no one had heard of “community supported agriculture.” Today, many recognize that if we are to survive and to thrive as a species and as a community, we have to do better than what the industrial food system has to offer. As an educational nonprofit, we are proud to have taught thousands of children and adults to value the source of their food.

Phillies Bridge serves as a shining example of the way things could be. If you have long been a part of the Phillies Bridge community, thank you for playing a role in making this happen. If you are new to Phillies Bridge, welcome aboard! You are part of something hopeful and very special. Please stay tuned throughout the year. We will be doing much to commemorate the history of this Hudson Valley institution as we prepare for the next 25 years!

Ariana & Brian

25 things you can do to help Phillies Bridge Farm

    1. Volunteer at events
    2. Volunteer on a Committee
    3. Donate
    4. Donate from your IRA
    5. Recruit new CSA member(s)
    6. Share a special skill during our summer camp
    7. Give a workshop
    8. Plan now, give later
    9. Donate graphic design skills for our marketing materials 
    10. Donate a truck or ATV or small tractor with a hitch
    11. Follow us on social media: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter
    12. Become a business sponsor
    13. Like our posts on social media: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter
    14. Come to our farm stand
    15. Join our CSA
    16. Come to our workshops
    17. Come to our festivals
    18. Book your wedding at the farm
    19. Donate something for our raffle
    20. Help expand our wholesale list
    21. Help with barn repairs
    22. Maintain the nature trail
    23. Volunteer at a weeding party
    24. Volunteer during a CSA distribution and meet your CSA community members
    25. Tell your friends about why Phillies Bridge is great!