After School Program

After School Enrichment Program
Spring Session: April 10 -May 18, 2023, 4PM-6PM


Busing available from New Paltz Schools!

At Phillies Bridge, access to education is at the core of our mission. Thanks to the generosity of donors, we are able to set aside funds each year to assist families with the cost of tuition for our educational programs. Our scholarship program operates on a similar sliding scale model to our CSA, covering costs between 20 and 100% depending on financial need. If you are interested in receiving a scholarship for an educational program in 2023, please fill out this application.

All sessions run from 4pm – 6pm.  Prices for each session are dependent upon number of weeks/sessions, which vary due to holidays and other days off as determined by NPCSD.  Discounts of 10% apply for children registered for multiple sessions, beginning with the second session and all following.

To obtain busing, please select the busing option on your registration. If you would like to apply for sliding scale pricing, please click here to fill out our sliding scale application. Payment plans are available for full and discounted tuition alike. Please reach out to us with any questions at 

All after school programs will involve visits with the farm animals and gardening in addition to the themed activity.

This spring, after school classes at Phillies Bridge will run for six weeks each Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday between April 10 and May 18.


Spring 2023 Sessions & Themes

Mondays – 6 Classes – Somewhere Over the Rainbow: Exploring Light and Color – Color is one of the earliest concepts children learn about in school, but the science behind how we perceive color and the importance of light are rarely explored. In this session of the after school program, children will engage in hands-on experiments and art projects to learn all about the science behind color and light: the different wavelengths of each color, the processes of reflection and refraction, the role light plays in perceiving color, and other important concepts that will deepen children’s scientific and artistic understanding of light and color in an engaging and accessible manner.

  • Full Session: April 10-May 15 – $250

Tuesdays – 6 Classes – Building Basics: Fun with Simple Machines – From found materials to LEGOs, building exciting new contraptions is always a fun activity! The construction process is made even more engaging, though, when the practical mechanical functions of simple machines are mixed into the creative process of building. Over the course of this session, children will learn about the essential functions of each simple machine variety, as well as how to build and operate each one. Projects completed in this session will allow children to use their imagination to create innovative devices and contraptions all while learning about the fundamental mechanics of simple machinery.

  • Full Session: April 11-May 16 – $250

Wednesdays – 6 Classes – It’s Electric!: Exploring Circuits and Electricity – Feel the spark of knowledge and creativity through this engaging session that explores all things electric! Children will have the opportunity to work with simple circuitry in order to learn about what electricity is, how it functions, and why it is important in our everyday lives and on the farm.

  • Full Session: April 12-May 17 – $250

Thursdays – 6 Classes – Aquatic Adventures: Exploring Sustainability and Science Through Bodies of Water – Sustainability is an extremely important topic here on the farm, though we often explore it through the lens of how to interact responsibly with the land. The way we treat our bodies of water is also incredibly important for farms of the future, as well as the overall health of the planet. Over the course of this session, students will engage in activities and experiments that explore sustainability through the lens of water as a source of life, an energy source, and a physical environment.

  • Full Session: April 13-May 18 – $250