CSA Add-Ons

Egg share: 

23 weeks of eggs from Old Ford Farm, just down the road from Phillies Bridge. The hens are pasture raised and fed certified organic grain. Click here for more information on Old Ford’s growing practices.

  • $175 for 23 weeks


Fruit share: 

18-20 weeks of locally grown fruit. The fruit share typically consists of strawberries, cherries, peaches, nectarines, plums, pears, apples, and sometimes other fruit. Everything is season dependent.

  • $145 for 18-20 weeks
  • Most of the fruit comes from Nightingale Farm in Marlboro, NY.

From Dan: “At Glorie Farms, and like most (if not all) New York orchards and vineyards, we do use crop protectants which includes pest and fungal control measures. We strictly follow the Cornell recommendations and only use the most minimal amount of protectants. Specifics of what is applied depends on the year and the season. The farm is also scouted on a regular basis to assess the need. If no need for protectants, none are applied. For added comfort, the previous owners have lived (and continue to) on the farm right next to the orchard and vineyard since it became a functioning farm in 1979.

That being said, we are in a frost aversion site on an east facing mountain between 600-800′ elevation that gets sun immediately upon sunrise. This helps prevent the need for certain measures that might be needed at a farm in a different geographic location.

Please feel free to reach Dan directly at 860-921-7192 if you have any questions.”



Meat & dairy share: 

Biweekly share of pastured meat, cheese, and yogurt from Chaseholm Farm in Pine Plains, NY. Available in large and small share sizes, with some ability to customize your share based on your preferences.

  • Large share: $86 per pickup; small share: $49 per pickup
  • Since pickup is self-serve, you can continue to pick up this share at PBFP even outside of our normal vegetable share season! With enough interest, pickups could even begin this winter.
  • Check out this info sheet for more information.
  • Unlike fruit and egg shares which are purchased through our farm store, meat and dairy shares are purchased directly from Chaseholm Farm.


Visit their website for more information or to sign up