What is a CSA?

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) promotes a sustainable relationship between farms and their members. In the CSA model, members purchase shares in a farm before the growing season starts and receive regular distributions of fresh produce throughout harvest time. When you join a CSA, you receive a steady supply of wholesome, locally-grown produce while connecting to the sources of your food at an affordable price.

By signing the CSA Commitment Agreement upon registration, the Shareholders of the Phillies Bridge Farm Project CSA collectively assume the risks and reap the rewards of community farming. We can make no guarantee of exact amounts or availability of particular items from week to week, or over the course of the growing season. The farm cannot offer refunds, should you be unable to continue through the season.

What are the perks of joining?

    • Receive six months of freshly-harvested vegetables grown using organic methods;
    • Save money over comparable farmers’ market or supermarket produce;
    • Learn how to cook with a wide variety of fresh vegetables;
    • Build a relationship with our farm, the community, and the source of your food;
    • Enjoy our 65 scenic acres, including a children’s Discovery Garden and a nature trail that meanders through wetlands, woodlands, and pasture;
    • Meet our flock of laying hens;
    • Help support our mission to engage and educate the community;
    • Receive discounts on our education programs, including workshops for adults, summer camp for school-age children, and parent-toddler programs.

Is the produce organic?
We are not certified organic, but we follow organic growing methods and work towards ensuring the long-term sustainability of the farm through the use of cover crops, regular crop rotations, and other techniques that promote the health of the soil and the land. Our farmer is happy to answer any questions about our growing, harvesting, and livestock management practices. Direct inquiries to heather@philliesbridge.org

What’s in a share?
The amount of produce in your CSA share will vary over the course of the six-month season. Our aim is to provide an average of approximately $35 (for big shares) or $20 (for small shares) worth of produce per week were you to shop for similar organically-grown produce at farm stands or health food stores. If you comparison shop week to week, you’ll find that the actual market value of the produce in your share is often much higher than that, particularly if you make full use of u-pick opportunities. In 2018, the total value of a big share was over $900 – a 25% savings! See the list of what we grow.

What if I can’t pick up my share?
We encourage you to send a friend to pick up your share if you will be away a certain week. Any shares that are not picked up will be donated to food pantries.

What if I want a smaller share?
You are welcome to arrange splitting a share with a friend. We do not coordinate the splitting of shares.

Is there a work requirement?
No. Shareholders are not required to work. We offer volunteer opportunities to match the skills and availability of every shareholder.

Do you offer financial support to those who cannot afford it?
Yes. We offer our CSA shares on a sliding scale.
Please fill out this form if interested to apply.