Please help us with these funding needs!
    • Camp Scholarship Fund: Our camp combines learning about Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math with an emphasis on farming and fun!
    • Farm to Families Fund: helps low-income families eat farm-fresh vegetables.
    • General Operations Fund: includes farm equipment and infrastructure maintenance and upgrades.

Please consider making a generous contribution – thank you! Phillies Bridge Farm Project is a New York State 501(c) 3 not-for-profit organization. All contributions are tax deductible to the full extent of the law.

Do you own a business and want to help out? Please check our Business Sponsorship page!

Plan now, give later. A simple, flexible and versatile way that your generosity can continue forever is by including a gift to Phillies Bridge Farm Project in your will, living trust, retirement plan or life insurance policy. Please check our Legacy page.

If you are interested in setting up a fund in your name, in your business’ name, or in honor or memory of someone you love, please contact us at

Click below to donate by credit card, or mail checks to:
Phillies Bridge Farm Project
45 Phillies Bridge Road
New Paltz, NY 12561


THANK YOU TO OUR 2019 DONORS (as of 9.6.19)

Friends of the Farm: $10 – $99
Carie Abels
Jacqueline Anderson
Ariana Basco
Matthew Bialecki
Alexi Bolton
Myriam Bouchard
Rebecca Carucci
Chelsea Farley
Sam Gandy
Liz Glover Wilson
Amanda & John Gotto
Tara Hoye
Sergey Jivetin
Jane Kelly
Gail & Jeff Lahm
Jazmine Langlitz
Alice LeMerle
Donna Manger
Shelagh McLean
Fred Mayo
Robin & Scott Minkoff
Corrinne & Thomas Nyquist
Stacie Powers
Josh Robbins
Carol Roper
Julianna Rosenbluth
Joan & Wiliam Roth
Fred Schmalkuche
Bryan G. Schneider
Michael Sheridan
James Silbert
Steve Szabo
Katherine Usewicz
Jill & Michael Valentino
Miriam & Mark Varian
Terence P. Ward
Heather Wodehouse
Kate Zhang

Seed Starter: $100 – $250
Accent Financial Group, Inc.
Norman Goluskin
Mala Hoffman & Marc Moran
Johanna & Jim Longbotham
Susan Loxsley & John Friedle
Jennifer McPherson
Brian Obach

Yoko Okamoto & James Dell’Olio
Sandra Smiley in honor of Sally Vasse
Gaby & Arthur Sulzberger
Sean Tom
Jennifer Trask
Jessica & Timothy Welsh

Harvest Hero: $251 – $999
Ariana Basco Fundraiser
Lisa & Timothy Conklin
Susan Eby & Kenneth Posner
Sally Vasse in honor of Wayne Fries
Terence Ward Fundraiser
Julie A. Williams

Visionary: $1,000 +
Institute for Family Health
The Minkoff Family in Honor of Nancy Minkoff
James Ottaway
Sally & William Vasse


Friends of the Farm: $10 – $99
Jacqueline Anderson
Ariana Basco
Marissa Borzykowski
Myriam Bouchard
Carolyn Cocca & Steven Goodman
Kate Comisso
Chelsea Farley
Donna Goodman
Aster & David Gorosh
Mark Granfors
Dan Guenther
William D. Hawk
Evelyn Heinbach
Mary Ellen & Peter Kenny
Elizabeth Krivda
Janet & Ricardo Irizarry
Allison &  Michael Lauchaire
Jennifer McPherson
William Mennega
David Miller
Kimberly Noble & Eric Carvin
Tom Nyquist
Genevieve O’mara
Yulia Ovchinnikova & Dmitry Pavlov
Jessica & Badhi Parthasarathy
Sarah & Vito Petroccitto
Ana Pope
Maureen Porada
Jennifer & Christopher Reid
Christopher M. Reid
Carol Roper
Joan & William Roth
Wendy & Ed Rudder
Yelena Scripps
Elizabeth Sherida
Robyn & Michael Sheridan
Ester Sicari
Laurie & Barry Tunkel
Liz Glover Wilson & Keith Buesing
Greta Winograd

Seed Starter: $100 – $250
Jaqueline Anderson
Pastor Tobias V. Anderson, Redeemer Evangelical Lutheran Church & his family
Bialecki Architects
Clea Bowdery
Kathleen Dowley
Deborah Fader & Michael Eder
Mala Hoffman
Amanda Gotto
Jonathan D. Hatch
Stephen Hirsch
Mala Hoffman & Marc Moran
Jane E. Kelley
Robin Judd
Gail & Jeffery Lahm
Allison LaRussa
Jerry Mennenga
Anne & Jim Mennenga
Carole Mineo
Wendy L. Smiley
Barbara Stirewalt
Margarete & Alan Stout
Amy B. Tripi
Mary Vasse
Cheryl Wherry
Carolyn H. Wright

Harvest Hero: $251 – $999
Karen & Paul Castelli
Margaret Innerhofer & Matt Bialecki
Susan Loxley-Friedle
New Paltz Health & Nutrition Center, Inc.
Brian Obach & Serife Ilgu Ozler
Sandra Smiley
Julie A. Williams

Visionary: $1,000 +
James Ottaway
Sandra Renner
Sally & William Vasse