Please help us with these funding needs!
    • Match Campaign:  Any donation made during our match campaign, from September to December 2021, will be matched dollar for dollar by a generous anonymous donor! Please donate today to double your impact for food justice and education!
    • Education Scholarship Fund: Our Scholarship Fund allows children and families to participate in our educational programs regardless of their ability to pay.
    • Food Justice Fund: helps low-income families eat farm-fresh vegetables.
    • General Operations Fund: includes farm equipment and much needed infrastructure maintenance and upgrades.
    • Memorial Donation or Donation in Honor: a donation made to honor someone or someone’s memory.  Please indicate the name of the honoree in the notes section of the checkout cart – this will appear after you enter your credit card information.


Phillies Bridge Farm Project is a New York State 501(c) 3 not-profit organization. All contributions are tax deductible to the full extent of the law.

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IRA Gifts For those over 72, you may direct a gift from your IRA’s required minimum distribution as a tax-wise way to give while supporting Phillies Bridge Farm Project. Please check our IRA Donation page.


Plan now, give later. A simple, flexible and versatile way that your generosity can continue forever is by including a gift to Phillies Bridge Farm Project in your will, living trust, retirement plan or life insurance policy. Please check our Legacy page.

If you are interested in setting up a fund in your name, in your business’ name, or in honor or memory of someone you love, please contact us at

Click below to donate by credit card, or mail checks to:
Phillies Bridge Farm Project
45 Phillies Bridge Road
New Paltz, NY 12561


THANK YOU TO OUR 2021 DONORS (as of 06.15.2021)

Seed Starter: donations up to $250
Naomi Allen
Jacqueline Anderson
Jessica Applestone
Ariana Basco
Michele Basco
Alexi Bolton
Jay Brown
Janna B Cohen In memory of Dan Guenther
Andrea Colvin
Caroline Contillo
Betsy Cornwal
Victoria Danskin in memory of Dan Guenther
Ken & Joan Davies in memory of Dan Guenther
Lisa DiMarzo
Erin Dowling
Chelsea Farley
Katie Feola
Denise Finney
Gail and Joseph Gallerie in memory of Dan Guenther
Eric Gidseg and Rebecca Walters in memory of Dan Guenther
Andrea Greggo
Gretchen Hildebran
Richard L Humphreys in memory of Dan Guenther
Celeste Kaufman in memory of Dan Guenther
David Kent in memory of Dan Guenther
Frank Kraat In memory of Pat Kancler
Elizabeth Krivda
Michelle Jackson
Stephanie Jacoby
Kathy Kronic
Conor Landenberger
Julia Lange-Kessler
Hatti Langsford
Tom Leader
Rachel Levy
Susan Lewis
Lisa Lindsley
Amy Litt
Thomas Losee
Alexandra Lotero
Robert Magee Jr.
Fred Mayo
Janette McKay
Houk Malely
Lisa Minnetto
JoAnn Murphy-Genter
Svitlana Novikova
James O’Dowd
Brian Obach
Yulia Ovchinnikova
Yoko Okamoto
Jo Park-Cunningham in memory of Dan Guenther
Elizabeth Peck
Heather Raven Bradford
William B Rhoads In memory of Dan Guenther
Caitlin Rider
William Rittenhouse In memory of Dan Guenther
Wendy Rudder
Joy Sabella
Jonathan Schweiger
Andrea Smith
Gabrielle Sulzberger
Martha Tait-Watkins
Tyler Van Fleet
Sarah Vasse
Donna Verteramo in memory of Dan Guenther
Kimberly Waliszewski
Shirley Warren
Jayne Watton-Mielo
Greta Winograd
Sharon Yeung

Harvest Hero: $251 – $999
Sandra Christian
Nathan Tableman
Lauren Tamraz
Julie Williams

Sustainer: $1,000-4,999
Matthew Bialecki
James Jr. & Mary Ottaway
Sandra Smiley in honor of Helen Vakusin and Dan Guenther

Visionary: $5,000 +
Sandra A. Renner & William A. Mennenga
William Vasse


THANK YOU TO OUR 2020 DONORS (as of 12.07.2020)

Friends of the Farm: $10 – $99
Tobias Anderson
John Barton
Ariana Basco
Peter Bogdanos
Myriam Bouchard
Michele Bray
Laura Bryant
Joe Cagliuso
Elisa Chae
Vincent Colacion
Melanie Cozzolino
Claudia Cummings
Lynn Doty
Jeffrey Dunn
Kristen Edwards
Chelsea Farley
Haewon Feltsman
Anne Galperin
Laura Gharrity
J’nae Gibbs
Steven Goodman
Shannon Haas
Maureen Holohan
Bob Hughes
Andrea Istel
Rebecca Kalin
Andrea Kantrowitz
Mary Ellen & Tim Kenny
Robi Josephson & Ted Reiss
Julia Lange-Kessler
Allison Lauchaire
John Lindholm
Rachel Levy
Maia Martinez
Patricia Matteson
Janette McKay
Shala Mills
Amanda Nelson & Steve Szabo
Yulia Ovchinnikova
James O’Dowd
Jesus Perepz-Lopez
Ann Prindle
Michelle Rhodes
Julian Ricardo
Joan Roth
Jess Rudolph
Marianne Schwabb
Elizabeth and David Siegel
Emily Sztaberek
Puja Thomson
Susan Tratner
Angelo Urrico
Shirley Warren
Karen Wells
Kirsten Wesselhoeft
Alexandra White
Harrison Winderbaum
Greta Winograd

Seed Starter: $100 – $250
Jacqueline Anderson
Zach Bialecki
Kara Belinsky
James & Joleen Chambers
Sandra & Donald Christian
John Ebbert
Susan Eby
Stacey Hawkins
Evelyn Heinbach
Steven Hirsch
Johanna Hecht & Raymond Sokolov
Susan Lewis & Tim Opler
Jim & Johanna Longbotham
Alison Moore
Tim Opler
Tom Penichter
Patrice Salone
Nancy Schniedewind
Nathan Tableman
Barry Tunkel
Elizabeth & David Siegel
Doc Smiley
Wendy Smiley
Timothy Welsh
Greta Winograd
Shelly & Lee Wright

Harvest Hero: $251 – $999
Ann Finn
Mala Hoffman & Marc Moran
Wendy Smiley
Brian Obach
Julianna Obeid
Yoko Okamoto & James Dell ‘Olio
Martha Tait-Watkins
Mary Vasse & Rob Bole
Alexandra White
Julie A. Williams

Sustainer: $1,000-4,999
Matthew Bialecki
Kathleen Dowley
The Minkoff Family in Honor of Nancy Minkoff
Alexandra Ottaway

Visionary: $5,000 +
Sandra A. Renner & William A. Mennenga
James Ottaway
Sally & William Vasse