Member Info

Information for 2024 CSA Members

Winter CSA Pickup 2023-24:

Pickups begin at 9am on Fridays, and the dates are in your member emails. You can come to the farm at any time Friday through Sunday. On Monday we will donate leftover shares unless you let us know by email that you need more time to pick up.

If the gate is latched when you arrive, please feel free to open it and drive through! Just close it on your way back out.

Summer/Main Season CSA 2024

The dates for the first summer CSA pickup will be released as soon as we know more about how the crops are growing.  Typically, we start pickup in June and then run through November.  We will email everyone who is signed up for the CSA with startup information by the end of May.

I’m a new member.  Where do I go and what do I do on my first day?

First, welcome!  We are so happy to have new members each year!  **Please remember to bring your own bags for pick up!**

When you come to the farm, please follow the directional signs.  You should head to the left of the farm house, but please go RIGHT around the circle to the parking area.  Our driveway loop is ONE WAY, and this can be a bit confusing on the first day, but we promise it will make sense soon!  **If you see someone pulling in to the farm while you are heading out of the driveway, please make room for them to come into the farm. There is a pull off to the right of the driveway when exiting. It is dangerous for people to back out onto the road. 

Next, once you park, please head down to the harvest building (brown wood building) with your bags. A farmer will greet you at the check-in table.  If there is a line, please wait and we’ll be with you as soon as possible.  When the farmer greets you, they will ask for your name and give you instructions on how to pick up your share.

The long chalkboard in the pick up area includes a list of the items available in the pick your own field each week. At the beginning and end of the season, there may not be much there; items will be added as they become available. Please do not pick items that aren’t on the chalkboard and labeled in the field with wooden signs, as they may not be quite ready yet.

You may visit the u-pick before or after you pick up your share, or any time Monday-Saturday during daylight hours. The u-pick field is located to the left of the high tunnel/greenhouse, adjacent to the driveway. There will be a kiosk with scissors and portable stools for anyone who has trouble standing while picking.

Please note that for food safety reasons, as well as the safety of our members, we do not allow dogs in the harvest building or in the pick-your-own field. Feel free to bring your dog for a walk on the nature trail, though! Leashes are required.

Please visit our staff page if you’d like to learn about the farm staff you’ll be meeting, and please visit our board of directors page to learn more about our board members!

What should I do if I missed my pick up, or know that I will miss my pick up?

In effort to make things more convenient, we now have 2 options for members who have missed their pickup.


To reschedule your share pick up, please click the button below. Please reschedule 2 days beforehand. We harvest according to the number of members scheduled to pick up on a given day, so it helps us avoid wasting food and labor if you reschedule ahead of time.


When you reschedule, we will prepare your share for the following CSA pick up day/time (this would be Saturday for Tuesday shareholders, or Tuesday for Saturday shareholders). We need to know ahead of time that you are coming in order to have a share ready for you. Please don’t come to the farm on a different pickup day unless you have rescheduled.

Please click the button below to let us know when you will be coming. Unfortunately we are not able to accommodate special requests outside of our regular pick up times (Tuesday 3:00 – 6:00 or Saturday 9:00 – 12:00.) *PLEASE NOTE If you reschedule your pick up day, your fruit share may not be available, as these items are fresh and do not last in our cooler.

OPTION 2 (not recommended for members who live far away)
We now have a limited number of pre-packed shares in our cooler available after hours until
midday the day after CSA (noon on Wednesdays and Sundays). These shares are first come, first served, so it is possible that they will be gone by the time you arrive at the farm. Accordingly, we do not recommend this option for members who live far away.
Our staff will not be able to respond to emails or calls to let you know if there are any shares left in the cooler, but if you’d like to stop by and see if any are left, you are welcome to! Our gates are open by 8:30 am and close slightly before sundown.  The shares will be packed in blue bins labeled, “extra small/big share”. PLEASE NOTE Fruit shares will not be available for pickup in the cooler. 


Pick Your Own Field

The pick your own field is located adjacent to the driveway, in front of the parking area. There is a kiosk for scissors and hand sanitizing in front of the field.  Please check the board in the Harvest Building before heading out to the Pick Your Own Field to learn what’s available.  Please only pick items that are labeled in the field with wooden signs, as other items may not be quite ready to pick yet. Thank you! 

Safety Measures at Phillies Bridge Farm

We will be following the guidance issued by the CDC and the State of New York regarding masks and social distancing.  The guidance can be reviewed here. Please help us to keep our community safe by not coming to the farm if you are feeling ill or have been exposed to illness. 

Harvest Procedures

We take food safety very seriously at Phillies Bridge. We are continuing to practice safe produce handling, while further emphasizing very frequent hand washing and frequent sanitizing of all food contact surfaces.