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Information for 2020 CSA Members

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2021 CSA Sign Up

Sign up information for our 2021 CSA will be sent out in our newsletter, with an announcement made prior to opening registration.  If you do not receive our newsletter and would like to, please scroll to the bottom of this page and sign up!

CSA Start Date

The first CSA pick up dates are as following:
Tuesday members: June 9th, 2020 at your scheduled time
Saturday members: June 13th, 2020 at your scheduled time

CSA FALL Start Date

The first start dates for fall shareholders are:
Tuesday members: September 15th, 2020
Saturday members: September 19th, 2020

Time Slot Selection

The time slot you select will be your time slot for the entire season, until COVID restrictions are lifted. This will be your time to pick up your produce from the CSA staff and visit the pick-your-own field.  If you are a full season CSA member, your time slot will remain the same in the fall as it was during the summer.  Fall shareholders please email if you have not yet chosen your time slot.

Safety Measures at Phillies Bridge Farm

Your health is our highest priority and Phillies Bridge Farm has taken a number of measures to provide our members with a safe CSA pickup. While there is no evidence that covid-19 is transmitted through food, we are changing our CSA pickup model to eliminate the potential for contamination during selection of your veggies as well as to ensure social distancing during pickup. 

Pre-Packed Shares

**Please remember to bring your own bags and a mask for pick up!**
The week’s produce will be prepackaged by share for easy pick-up. 

Scheduled Pick Up

Members will select a half hour time slot during which they will come to pick up their share and enjoy the Pick-Your-Own field.


Members can access the Pick-Your-Own field during their scheduled time slot.  Hands must be washed before entering the Pick-Your-Own area (handwashing stations available) and masks must be worn. We ask that members limit the number of people coming to pick, as much as possible, for the safety of fellow members.

Harvest Procedures

Our Farm Manager, Heather, is certified by the Produce Safety Alliance and takes food safety very seriously. We are continuing to practice safe produce handling, while further emphasizing very frequent hand washing and frequent sanitizing of all food contact surfaces.