Visit Us

We are located five miles south of New Paltz, just west of Route 208 (towards The Ridge) on Phillies Bridge Road.

When you come into the farm drive, the speed on farm roads is 5 mph. Watch for children! Signs direct you toward the barns, Harvest Room, Discovery Garden, the beginning of the Nature Trail, and vegetable fields dedicated to education. You can park along the road near the Pavilion.

The Farmhouse is the private residence of our Farmer, Heather. Our Farm Apprentices live in the Cottage and the Bunkhouse. We reserve that area for their cars, and for the Farm Office behind the Farmhouse.

Visitors Guidelines:

  • We welcome visitors to the farm to explore the grounds and the Nature Trail, and ask you to note these guidelines!
  • Take lots of pictures! Leave only footprints.
  • All are invited to enjoy the view of our fields of vegetables, herbs, and flowers. Please look and admire, but not pick any plants!
  • The Nature Trail begins at the big barn. A trail guide can be found by our welcome bulletin board and kiosk.
  • Children must be supervised at all times.
  • The children’s Discovery Garden is a very important part of our education programs. Visitors are encouraged to look at, smell, and gently touch the plants in the garden, but please leave them undisturbed so others may enjoy, and we may teach and explore this special place with children in our education programs.
  • Pets must be on a leash at all times for your pet’s safety and for the safety of our resident animals that you may encounter: chickens, goats, and cats.
  • Please do not feed the resident animals without a staff member’s guidance.
  • The farm is entirely smoke-free. Please refrain from smoking while anywhere on the property.
  • This working farm’s equipment, tools, tractors, and other fascinating implements can be dangerous. Please stay away from the equipment!
  • Sunday is the only day off for the farm’s resident family and staff. We respect their need for quiet and privacy on this day.