Week 2 Many Moons Ago

What a beautiful week we had for week 2 following the 4th of July holiday! Our new group of campers were super helpful around the farm.

This year, in addition to garden work, the children are also helping to start new plants in the greenhouse.  The children started lettuces, spilanthes, broccoli, kale, and also direct seeded some carrots and green beans!

Week 2 was a play off week 1, as we continued diving into how celestial bodies are not separate, but indeed very connected to the earth’s systems.  We spent some time talking about how ancient civilizations used the moon for agriculture and then jumped right into a fun hands on project building our own moons!

We continued our calendar discussions by talking about moon phases. Ms. Nicole took us on a trip around the earth as we made some of our own delicious moon phases from the garden with the help of some ranch dressing! We hope you also enjoyed the moon gardens your children brought home, with white flowers that will stay open at night to reflect the silvery light!

Ms. Ally talked with us about how craters form on the moon, and everyone had a great time getting their hands into some homemade moon sand and making their own craters on our hand-held mini moons!

We finished up the week with an experiment on air pressure led by Jack.  The children watched in amazement as a fire in a jar created a negative pressure space, and sucked a balloon in through the opening of the jar.  This led to lots of discussion and a trial for the children to see if they could create their own negative pressure using a cup and water, while trying to keep an index card from succumbing to earth’s gravity! It was lots of fun to get water everywhere at the end of a hot day!

This week may have been shorter in days, but was longer in fun! We had a great time playing games and enjoyed our time with this very engaging group!