Week 2

Week 2 flew by, which was appropriate for “I Can Fly” week! With one less day, we had to move fast.  We started on Tuesday with a tour of the farm, some games on the lawn, and a lesson from Fina on butterflies.  We learned about the proboscis and the feeding habits of the butterfly, as well as their benefit to our environment and farm.  We made butterfly feeders and stocked them with some leftover cherries and fruit from the farm.  We look forward to hearing if they’ve had any visitors!

On Wednesday, Micaela walked us through the mechanics of flight, and everyone took a stab at trying to make something that could fly.  Micaela offered a guided project, and some children chose to make modifications and some children tried a completely original design! It’s always so great to see the diversity of thought among our campers — so inspiring!

On Thursday, Lucy gave a talk about birds and did a bird call guessing game with the group.  Later she followed up with a bird walk, and led an activity where the children made an adaptation that a bird might have, and the group had to guess what kind of bird would have that adaptation! It was really fun and got everyone using their thinking caps!

On Friday, we had a special guest, Bob Mooney, who is helping the farmers start some beehives (far away from camp!) He brought his education hive with him, and we all learned a lot, and got to taste some fresh honey! It was very cool to “bee” (haha) a spectator while the workers bees were doing their thing.

In addition, we took some time this past week to celebrate a birthday, work on the art of chicken whispering, pick some flowers, do some rain dances, and play in the garden! We’d also like to thank our older group for helping out and volunteering whenever needed and for making a sign to display our events happening on the farm!  We hope everyone enjoyed this lightning speed week as much as we did!