Week 3 Tree Huggers

During tree hugging week we really started to feel appreciation for our great woody friends, as they provided much needed shade to shield us from the hot July sun! We started our week with a scavenger hunt and some general farm exploration to orient our new campers.  During the week we harvested peas, carrots, and beans and we planted our first trays of micro-greens!


We started the week with a lesson from Ms. Allie, listening to a reading of The Lorax and making truffula trees out of recycled material while discussing the many important ways trees interact in our ecosystem.

Ms. Shannon then discussed the tree life cycle, and we went on a nature walk/scavenger hunt to find trees in their various stages, from seed, to sprout, to sapling, to mature tree!  Later, Mr. Jack covered dendrochronology, and the children created their own fictional tree stories based on the rings and scars in their tree slices.  We enjoyed listening to the stories, and always enjoy the creativity that the children bring to camp!

The last activity of the week was a found art project, led by Ms. Nicole, and the results were stunning!

There was no shortage of fun during this hot week #3!  We had tons of fun dragging our counselors into the sprinklers and running around in the back field keeping cool in the water.

We finished up with our farmer’s market this week, and very much enjoyed the presence of our community on our last day of week 3.  Thank you for stopping in, and for sharing your children with us this week! It has been so much fun!