Week 4 Fun with Fibonacci

There has been a pattern lately… on Monday mornings it rains! (We wonder what Fibonacci would think about that!) Week 4 was one for the number lovers in our group, with our first ever week-long Fibonacci theme!  We always say rainy days are the best days at Phillies Bridge, and this Monday was no exception! Raingear on, we headed out to tend to our animals and gardens!

We started with week with the best kind of learning, the kind you can eat! Fibonacci kabobs! The children had to stack the food in the Fibonacci sequence, with a different food for each number.

After that came Fibonacci poems. Instead of a haiku, we wrote our poems using the Fibonacci sequence for the number of syllables in each line, and it was surprising how beautiful the language flowed, like each child was a “natural”!

We then studied squares of numbers, and what happens when you join the squares of the numbers in the Fibonacci sequence (you get a spiral!) We decorated our spirals and they came out beautiful!

Later in the week, we took our math to the next level and used right triangles to create the spiral of Theodorus.
In addition to playing with numbers and geometry, we had a ton of fun harvesting sumak, planting microgreens, making bracelets, working in our garden, and visiting the animals! We finished our week with a Fibonacci scavenger hunt and a beautiful farmer’s market! We look forward to seeing some of you next week, and wish the rest a great rest of your summer!