Week 7

Week 7 brought with it another group of children full of life and laughter! It’s been such a nice time this summer, and we are so happy to be together enjoying the farm.  As usual, each group did their own good work with the animals and the gardens.  Our younger group planted a whole bunch of beets, and our middle and older groups helped plant beans for the fall crop!

In the beginning of the week, Lucy started our theme of sustainability & survival by talking about the recycling and self-containing components of an ecosystem.  Everyone made terrariums, each containing it’s own self contained ecosystem.  (Side note- the children were instructed not to put any animals in their terrariums, only plants, as it was not designed to sustain animal life.) Micaela followed with a lesson on weaving and talk about how weaving was useful in ancient cultures, and still is today! The children followed up by making garden looms, which came out so beautiful!

Julia continued later in the week with a discussion on compasses, and why and how they work, and we got to try magnetizing a needle, and watching it point north! It was great to hear the excitement and laughter as the needles started moving.  The kids continued this work by making maps of the farm after a lesson on cartography, and using their newfound “north” to create a compass rose.

Later in the week, farmer Rhyston gave a talk on how we model sustainability at Phillies Bridge.  He spoke about some of our practices for pests, and how we use cover crops to regenerate the soil, and some of the native plants we are working on growing.  The children got to explore the nitrogen-fixing seeds that help our veggies grow strong and Rhyston helped us plant a bed of cover crops in the education garden.

Week 7 was full of lots of other fun stuff, including reading to each other, snacking in the education and discover gardens, covering ourselves with clay, witchcraft school, building armor out of natural materials, chicken whispering, drawing, and working on our sustainable roundhouse! I don’t know how we fit it all in, but we did, and it was great! Thanks again for another great week in the books!