Do you have a few hours free every week or month and would like to make a difference? If so, please contact us at or fill out the form here. Thank you!

We need your help in any the following committees:

The Buildings & Grounds Committee does maintenance and helps to further develop the property and buildings at the farm including the farmhouse, the barn, and the greenhouses as well as maintaining the fields, the nature trail, equipment, tools, and other aspects of the working farm.
The ideal volunteer would have the skills to help with the maintenance and upkeep of the farms infrastructure.  They may have experience in farming, construction, plumbing, electrical work, and or general repair.


The Development & Fundraising Committee raises funds to support the farm’s mission.
The ideal volunteer would have some fundraising experience, either in terms of grant writing or fundraising from individual or business donors.  But even without that experience someone who is passionate about Phillies Bridge and willing to share that enthusiasm with others would be welcome!



The Education Committee  develops programming to offer to youth in our community.
The ideal volunteer would have experience or interest in education, particularly outdoor or environmental education. Committee members work together to plan new educational programs that will engage kids who visit the farm with school groups or who participate in our summer camp program. We also do research to find and complete grants that help us fund the programs we offer and allow all children to participate. 


The Events Committee organizes on-farm community events.
The ideal volunteer would be organized and enthusiastic about putting together fun, educational community-building events.  Phillies Bridge organizes several public and private events at the farm every year. Committee members plan activities for children and families, work with community organizations and vendors, and interact with the public visiting the farm.



The Finance Committee advises the treasurer in preparing budget and financial policies.
The ideal volunteer would have experience with fiscal oversight and management, such as business or nonprofit or farm management, bookkeeping, accounting, auditing, insurance, capital planning, or human resources.  The committee produces a budget that provides for the long- and short-term needs of the Farm, and builds our endowment.


The Food Justice Committee develops programming and events for the people we serve while striving to find more ways to connect people with affordable, farm fresh food.
The ideal volunteer would be committed to developing a more just and equitable food system. They might have experience working with food pantries, nutritional education programs, or other programs geared toward meeting the needs of undeserved populations, or simply have a passion for the cause.


The Marketing Committee does public outreach to let people know about the work of the organization.
The ideal volunteer would be passionate about making people aware of the great work that Phillies Bridge does and the opportunities we provide.  Having marketing and communication skills, digital design abilities, layout and newsletter skills and experience with social media and advertising are very useful on this committee.